Proper Estate Planning & Drafting Living Trusts

In the event of your passing, ensure that your assets go to your heirs and not into the court system by planning your estate with the Law Office Of Eric W. Johnson. Based in Chula Vista, California, we provide personalized estate planning and living trust services tailored to suit your exact needs. Our attorneys listen attentively during every consultation to ensure your final wishes are carried out.


Living Trusts

Most people equate estate planning with the drafting of a will; however, proper estate planning requires more than just a will. In most cases, our clients benefit greatly from a living trust as well.

Living trusts allow people to transfer their property and possessions quickly and anonymously after they have passed on. When we create your estate plan, we place your important assets in a trust that you control. When you pass away, the trust automatically distributes those assets to your designated heirs.

Estate Planning Tools
The living trust is the centerpiece of most estate plans. However, there are many other estate planning tools we can use to ensure your wishes are carried out, including:
   •  Pour-over Wills
   •  Property Transfers
   •  Power of Attorney
   •  Special Needs Trusts
   •  Health Care Power of Attorney

Contact us to create a living will as part of your estate plan.